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Hi, my name is Anne Bailey and I am here to help you with all of your baby cloth diaper questions. Please feel free to call or email me. Check out our featured items.

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Baby Cloth Diapers

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Overnight Solution
baby cloth diapers

One of the best things you can do for your baby and your budget is to use baby cloth diapers. I speak from experience, as I did not use baby cloth diapers on my first baby girl. I was stuck in the midwest, and I didn't even know it was an option to use baby cloth diapers. With my second I searched, and to my surprise I found tons of options for really awesome and easy baby cloth diapers. I was so happy to ditch the disposables and use the adorable baby cloth diapers that seemed to be every where I looked. Using baby cloth diapers made me feel great about my budget and baby. Not to mention the fact that I was not dumping diaposables into a landfill everytime I changed a diaper. Here is the baby cloth diaper calculator to find out how much money you will save with the simple switch to baby cloth diapers.

Or, consider this:

  • An 88-count Huggies diapers at my *local supermarket* costs $26.99 or $0.31 PER diaper.
  • 10 diaper changes a day for 2.5 years equals an astonishing $2828.75 wasted on throw-away diapers.
  • Consider buying either a 24-pack of Happy Heinys One Size Baby Cloth Diapers for $430.80 or 24 BumGenius One Size Baby Cloth Diapers for $406.80.
  • That is a savings of almost $2500 simply by using baby cloth diapers! What could you do with an extra $2500?

Why use baby cloth diapers?

  • baby cloth diapers are 100% reusable
  • baby cloth diapers are much less expensive than disposable diapers and just as easy!
  • baby cloth diapers make sure that only soft cotton, fleece or hemp touches your baby
  • you can use them through multiple children
  • NO nasty chemicals in them!
  • So much better for the environment, significantly reduces trash and reduces contamination to groundwater and soil
  • potty training time can be reduced!
  • they are just as convenient as disposables
  • Did you know that substances banned from use in tampons are still in disposable diapers? Do you really want that to be touching some of your baby’s most delicate parts?

Baby cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers

These aren't your parents' baby cloth diapers anymore! No pins, no fuss! They go on as easily as dispoable diapers and then you put them in the wash instead of the garbage. Wouldn't you honestly rather be putting money in a savings account for your baby's college rather than spending it on disposable diapers? On average, it will cost ~$2500-3,000 to diaper one child in disposable diapers for the life of that child in diapers. If you were to use cloth diapers for your child, the cost would vary between $150-1200! Once you try these cloth diapers, you will be convinced that this is the right move for your family!

Beginning a baby cloth diapering system

Are you unsure as to where to start in choosing a baby cloth diapering system for your little one? Do you have images imprinted in your head of the white square baby cloth diapers that require pins along with a clear plastic cover that leaves red marks on the baby's legs? Often times having to soak the diaper in the toilet where even the most well meaning kids and adults sometimes forget it is there and then putting it in a diaper pail full of water? Then mom, dad or an unfortunate older sibling gets to lug the diaper pail full of water to the washing machine. NO FUN! These are ENTIRELY different baby cloth diapers today!

Todays baby cloth diapers barely resemble the ones your parents used! They use fabrics such as super-soft fleece, cotton, hemp, wool and many more natural fabrics. There are now many different kinds of closures for baby cloth diapers making it easier on parents to get a good fit for your baby without spending a long time on the changing table wrestling with your little one. Your baby will be more comfortable than you can imagine! I know how confusing it can be to first dive into the baby cloth diapering world and I'm here to make that easier for you. I will provide one-on-one assistance via email or the phone helping you to pick the right baby cloth diapers for your family and explaining anything about the diapers that may be unclear to you.

The baby cloth diapers we are carry are selected for their high quality, ease of use, comfort to your baby and the best VALUE for your dollar! We carry a wide variety of all-in-one baby cloth diapers, pocket diapers, hemp diapers and so much more!

Baby Cloth DiapersDoes your baby have a diaper rash that won’t go away? From my own experience as well as from many of my customers’ experiences, once you switch to baby cloth diapers, the diaper rash often disappears! Why not try a few out and see? Are you interested in a sampling of some of the diapers we carry? Try one of our cloth diaper packages!

Choosing your baby cloth diapers

New to the cloth diapering world? Take a look at our baby cloth diapering 101 section. You will find using cloth diapers broken down into easy to understand terms and help on how to choose the cloth diapering system that is right for your family. We have "starter" packages for people who aren't sure which baby cloth diapers they would like to use. With our starter packages, you can try them all out and see which ones fit your needs the best. Still need some help? That is great because that is what I'm here for - simply email me with any questions and I will reply within a few hours. Would you rather talk than email? Send me your phone number and good time to reach you and I'd love to chat with you about baby cloth diapers for your family. You will not find better service or quality elsewhere. Why not try us out today? A nice informational resource can also be found at the Diaper Lady.

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