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Thirsties Fab Cloth WipesWhy use cloth wipes?

If you are cloth diapering, it only makes sense to use cloth wipes as well! They will save you money, are better for your baby's sensitive skin and are more convenient.

Did you know that many hospitals recommend NOT using disposable wipes on newborn baby's bottoms? That is because they are harsh to the sensitive little skin of newborns. Cloth wipes are the perfect solution! Have a spray bottle of water handy, spray the cloth wipe before use and you are set!

Cloth wipes are 100% re-usable and get softer with each subsequent wash. You are going to LOVE these! I personally have 4 dozen on hand for every conceivable use!

How Many Cloth Wipes Do I Need?

If you plan on using them full time, I suggest getting 2-3 dozen. That will last you at least 2 days worth of diapering. If you plan on using cloth wipes for other uses besides diapering, get an extra dozen!

Cloth Wipe Dry vs. Wet Method

There are two main methods when using cloth wipes. The first method involves storing your cloth wipes in a dry container and having a spray bottle handy of your chosen wipe solution. Take a wipe and spray with your solution and you are all set!

The second method involves mixing up your cloth wipes solution in a bowl and transferring it to a wipes warmer where you will also keep you cloth wipes. By using this second method, your cloth wipes are always warm and ready to go!

Thirsties Fab Cloth Wipes $10.75/6 Cloth Wipes

Thirsties Cloth WipesThirsties Fab Wipes measure 8x8 inches and are 2 ply. These cloth wipes are textured cotton velour on one side will assist with bigger wipe-ups and delicate microfleece is on the other side for drying or for lighter messes. These wipes will fold and fit perfectly in a recycled wipes container or warmer, or you can display the colorful selection in a basket above the changing table.

Care instructions: Machine wash warm or hot. Dry on low. (Made in the USA.)

Thirsties Fab Wipes can be used with plain water or with a wipe solution. You can choose to dip your wipe in a solution and then use on baby, or you can choose to store a solution in spray bottle and mist your baby's bum then wipe clean with a wipe.




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