Diaper Covers

What is a cloth diaper cover?

A diaper cover is something that is made of either water-resistant fabric (usually PUL – polyurethane laminate), fleece or wool, or a combination. A diaper cover is what you put over your prefold, fitted, or contoured diaper to provide the wetness and leak protection. There are a number of different styles of diaper covers on the market. I carry the diaper covers that I have found work extremely well and are easy to use. A question I often get asked is whether diaper covers need to be changed every time you change your baby. The answer is – no! Some of you may be surprised! It is a good idea to let them air out in between diaper changes, but you can then re-use the same diaper cover without washing it for a few diaper changes.

What to look for in diaper covers

FLIP diaper coverYou are going to want diaper covers that are easy to use as well as breathable. Another factor in choosing diaper covers is whether they have large enough openings for your baby’s legs or are going to cause red marks because they are a bit too tight to fit properly. Furthermore, certain diaper covers are more conducive to having prefolds inside them, while other diaper covers work better with fitted or contoured diapers. As you can see, much of this will depend on what Thirsties Diaper Covertypes of diapers you will be using underneath your diaper covers. I offer So Simple diaper covers, fleece diaper covers, Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Diaper Covers and FLIP Diaper Covers (pictured above) as well as Thirsties Duo Wraps (pictured on the right). Each descriptive page will tell you which diapers these diaper covers work best with. If you have any questions about these choices, please e-mail me! I’m here to help!

How many diaper covers will you need?

Imse Vimse diaper coverThat is a good question and depends on your diapering system. Are you using all prefolds, fitted or contoured diapers? Or are you alternating them with all-in-ones and/or pocket diapers? If you are exclusively using diapers that require diaper covers, then you will likely need at least 6 diaper covers and closer to 8 diaper covers so that you have enough when you are washing your diapers covers.

Caring for your diaper covers

You can wash your diaper covers separately from your diapers or with your cloth diapers. Don’t use any type of bleaches, whitening agents, borax, liquid concentrates or stain removers. Diaper covers dry very quickly and therefore don’t usually need to go in the dryer. If you do put them in the dryer, only put them in for 10-20 minutes and let them line dry if still damp. If you find that your diaper covers are unexpectedly leaking, try putting your diaper covers in the dryer to re-seal the PUL.

If you are using the wool covers, you can usually go about 2 weeks before washing (except when soiled) since wool has natural oils which help to pull the wetness away from your baby, neutralize odors and allow moisture to evaporate. But remember to lanolize your wool!

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