Diaper Inserts and Diaper Doublers

The differences between diaper inserts and diaper doublers

Diaper inserts are inserts that are placed/inserted into pocket diapers to do the absorbing. Remember pocket diapers have an inner fleece layer to wick away moisture to the insert which is there to hold the moisture away from your baby’s skin. Generally speaking, diaper inserts can be anything that absorbs from a specially designed insert to an old dish towel! Our diaper inserts come in 2 forms – micro-fiber terry and hemp and a combination of the two. You can use these diaper inserts interchangeably between your pocket diapers.

Diaper doublers are typically in an hourglass or rectangular shape and made of absorbent fabric to DOUBLE the absorbency of your diaper. Doublers can be used in pocket diapers or in an all in one cloth diaper to increase absorbency. I recommend these to people who have heavy wetting babies or if you are going to be out for a while and know you would rather not change a diaper for a few hours. These are also great for caregivers, especially placed in pocket diapers, since they boost up the absorbency requiring slightly less frequent diaper changes. I personally LOVE diaper doublers because they simply make my life easier! You can add the desired amount of absorbency without having to bulk up your diaper. Diaper doublers can sometimes be the difference between whether someone loves cloth diapering or simply does it!

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