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Sherpa Fitted Diapers

Kissaluvs Fitted Baby Cloth Diaper

Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers -

What is a fitted diaper?

Fitted diapers are basically a more sophisticated version of a prefold or flat diaper. The main difference is that fitted diapers are shaped to fit around a baby and have a closure system built in (ie. Snaps or Aplix/Hook and Loop), whereas prefolds and flat diapers are squares/rectangles that you fold to fit your baby and use pins or snappis to fasten them. Fitted diapers, prefolds and flat diapers all do require covers since they are the absorbent part of the diapering system. Check out our diaper covers - so simple diaper cover, fleece diaper covers , Imse Vimse organic covers and Thirsties Duo Wraps that go great with our fitted diapers.

The pros and cons of a fitted diaper

A fitted diaper is a great choice for babies of all ages. However, a fitted diaper is an especially good choice for newborns because it is great at holding messes inside the diaper. Our newborn sherpa fitted diaper and Kissaluvs Size 0 both fit below the umbilical cord ensuring it stays nice and dry. All of our fitted diapers have elastic around the legs significantly lessening the chance of a leak. Both options of fitted diapers work very well in terms of containment and absorbancy. All-in-one cloth diapers are also a good choice for newborns. I would recommend getting some of both with a new baby since all-in-one diapers are very convenient for outings or if someone else is watching your little one and fitted diapers with covers will offer a great fit and leak protection. The only downside of fitted diapers is that you do have to purchase a cover as well as the absorbent diaper part which can seem costly at first. However, you do not need as many diaper covers as fitted diapers since you can reuse diaper covers after letting them air dry between diaper changes. See our diapers FAQ for more information on recommendations for the number of diapers to purchase.

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