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Fleece Diaper Covers

fleece diaper cover

Size Chart
Size Weight Waist Thighs
6-10 lbs
13" +
10-15 lbs
15" +
15-20 lbs
16" +
20-30 lbs
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30+ lbs
18" +

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Why fleece diaper covers?

Fleece diaper covers are one of the few diaper covers that offer great breathability. Fleece diaper covers are also unbelievably soft and offer unsurpassed wetness protection. This is because fleece is 100% polyester and allows air to circulate through the diaper and around your baby's bum. Fleece diapers covers are great because they are super quick to dry, keep the wetness in the diaper where it belongs and can withstand laundry abuse! A great advantage of fleece in a diaper cover is that you can put them in the wash with your diapers, unlike wool or PUL. All fleece diaper covers are made with 200 weight Malden Mills fleece - a no pill, tightly woven fabric. This is the exact same type of fleece that you will see in many styles of outerwear and cannot be suprassed in its wetness and leak protection. Fleece diaper covers are a great choice for heavy wetters, particularly when paired with our happy hempy hemp diapers or our sherpa fitted diapers for overnight protection.

What cloth diapers to pair with fleece diaper covers

Fleece diaper covers are great with prefolds, fitted diapers or our hemp diapers. They work particularly well for heavy wetters or for prolonged diaper use. Note that if your baby has something pressed up against him/her such as a seatbelt, the wetness may begin to come through with very wet diaper.

Would you like to compare the fleece diaper covers to the wool diaper covers or our so simple diapers covers? Looking for a one size fleece diaper cover? Try the Lollidoo Fleece Diaper Cover!


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