FuzziBunz® Elite One Size Cloth Diaper

The brand new FuzziBunz One Size Diaper colors are here! Your FuzziBunz One Size Diapers include:
2 FULL 4 layer, super absorbent inserts for small and larger settings
1 Bonus set of Easy Replace Elastic included in the pocket upon purchase
Fit babies from 7-35 lbs

What is so great about FuzziBunz® One Size Diapers?

  • The FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-FuzziBunz One Size Diaper adjustment explanationsize cloth diapers on the market today!
  • They adjust to fit babies 7-35 pounds and get a snug fit every time with the button-adjusted waist and leg casings.
  • The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. Never before has a pocket-style cloth diaper been SO adjustable!
  • And the great thing about FuzziBunz One-Size Diapers is that they always use sturdy snap closures which will withstand 3+ years of use and elastic that is easily replaceable if it ever fails making it a long standing and dependable diapering system for years to come.
  • Plus all Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diapers come with an easy to replace elastic just in case you need it!

FuzziBunz® One Size Diapers’ Adjustability

  • The FuzziBunz ONE SIZE diaper is adjustable through adjustable elastic, NOT snap downs on the front of the diaper like most one size diapers on the market today.
  • FuzziBunz One Size Diapers’ adjustability is similar to adjustable waistbands for children and maternity wear where the FuzziBunz One Size Adjustmentswaist and legs have been made customizable through a button / elastic adjustment system.
  • So instead of 3 length settings, you can set to 8+ very customizable sizes. Instead of NO waist settings, you have up to 4+ settings on the FuzziBunz One Size Diapers.
  • The end result of the FuzziBunz One Size Diaper is a SUPER adjustable diaper without an excess of snaps. It may take a bit of “adjusting” to get to the right size, but when you find the right fit, you set it and forget it.

FuzziBunz® One Size Diaper Durability

  • Durability is essential in a one size diaper. You want that diaper to fit for 3+ years from the time your baby is born until the time they are out of diapers….and possibly for other children.
  • FuzziBunz One Size Diapers are already built to last. After 10 years as a leader in the cloth diaper industry, FuzziBunz prefers the precision and durability of snap closures on their products.
  • By offering a unique and “replaceable for pennies” elastic system on the diapers, we can promise our customers years of extended use.
  • Not only will your CLOSURES on your FuzziBunz One Size Diapers last for 3 years, your ELASTIC will LAST for as long and can be replaced in less than 10 minutes!
  • No re-sewing, no seam-ripping! FuzziBunz One Size Diapers are a great and valuable investment.

FuzziBunz® One Size Diapers’ Truth

FuzziBunz company offers both Perfect Sized and FuzziBunz One Size Diapers to customers. Each have their pros and cons. We believe in “truth in advertising”. If a trim fitting diaper is important to you then the “perfect sized” diapers may be suited best for you – most babies only use 2 sizes of diapers (small and medium).
If a diaper that will last from birth to potty, and will stand up to three years of use and possibly more is what you value….and you are willing to
sacrifice some trimness for this – then the FuzziBunz “One Size” diaper may be your diaper of choice. FuzziBunz supports your choices and will offer superior
product support and warranty whichever you choose.

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