Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers

Why Happy Heinys pocket diapers?

These are some of the easiest diapers to use and are great for caregivers. They have a very simple design – you simply stuff the pocket with something absorbent, either a microfiber terry diaper insert or a hemp stuffin. Additionally, you decide what and how much to stuff them with for a perfect and completely customizable cloth diapering system for your little one. Happy Heinys pocket diapers are one of THE best rated diapers – check out their ratings on diaper pin! Parents love the fit it gives their babies’ and strangers love to compliment you on how absolutely adorable they are!

Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper Features:

Happy Heinys pocket diapers have Aplix brand tabs (ie. velcro, just a different brand name). This makes for a very adjustable fit and makes diaper changing a breeze, even with wiggly ones!
The fleece used on the inside of the diapers is custom milled fleece just for Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers. Remember the fleece is what is going to wick the moisture into the absorbent insert, keeping your little one nice and dry!

There are no leg casings, making better fitting diapers and containing messes better while leaving NO red marks!
Notice in the picture on your right that the fleece rolls out a little bit. It is made that way to ensure the only thing touching your child’s delicate skin is the super soft fleece. Please do NOT try to push it back in.

Should I get a solid colored or print Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper?

If you are planning on using Happy Heinys overnight, plan on getting a happy heinys color. The reason for this is that the solid colored diapers have a 100% poly outercoating and will keep the wetness in the diaper insert a bit better. They have been tested for 12+ hours and most children will have absolutely no wicking even after that long! If you are using Happy Heinys pocket diapers for overnight, I would suggest a hemp stuffin to drastically increase the diaper’s absorbency – you will absolutely love them! The Happy Heinys prints have 100% cotton outers that are laminated, so they are still waterproof, just not as good for overnight. There are SO many absolutely adorable prints that you will truly have a hard time choosing. If you do get some Happy Heinys to add to your diaper stash, be prepared for lots of great compliments from complete strangers who see them. Everyone loves Happy Heinys pocket diapers!

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