Happy Hempy’s Organic Hemp Diapers

Why hemp diapers?

Hemp is the single strongest natural fiber known to humans and cannot be beat for it’s ability to absorb moisture. Hemp fabric is not only stronger than cotton, but will absorb more moisture and last much longer making it a perfect choice for cloth diapers! Another advantage of hemp is that it comes from a very hardy plant without insect predators and can therefore be grown without the use of pesticides. Furthermore, hemp has inherent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties making it perfect for use in cloth diapers!

Why Happy Hempy’s Hemp Diapers?

Happy Hempy hemp diapers are made of 2 luscious layers of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. Happy Hempy hemp diapers are SO soft and allow you all the benefits of a fitted diaper as well as a pocket diaper. Since it is a fitted diaper you have your choice of cloth diaper covers – so simple diaper covers, Thirsties Duo Wraps, fleece diaper covers , Imse Vimse or organic covers. Because these hemp diapers are also pocket diapers, you can customize the absorbency to fit the needs of your baby. I often use a happy hempy hemp diaper with fleece at night with a hemp stuffin and a so simple diaper cover. I have absolutely NO problems with leaks and my son wakes up dry and happy! Happy Hempys hemp diapers have been prewashed to remove oily build up and to help prevent shrinkage, although they may shrink a small amount. To ensure a perfect fit on your little one, these hemp diapers have elastic at the legs and back to allow for a snug yet comfortable fit. You can use hemp diapers during the day with or without an insert and try them overnight with a hemp stuffin or two! Similar to the other Happy Heinys pocket diapers we carry, these have hook and loop closures (ie. velcro) making diaper changes a breeze! Remember to pick out a diaper cover to go with your Happy Hempy’s Hemp Diaper!

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