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NEW Jamtots Berry Plush AIO/AI2
$27.95 $21.95

So unbelievably soft, you'll want one for yourself! Remember to order your soakers below to go in your Jamtots.

Northern Lights
Berry Plush Northern Lights

Minkee topped hemp soaker $8.75 $6.95
Minkee topped soaker



Jamtots Berry Plush AIO's/AI2's

If you haven't used diapers with Minkee fabric, you are truly missing out! Berry Plush AIO's/AI2's use the softest fabric imaginable - Minkee fabric! It will be even more of a treat to hold your baby swaddled in one of these fantasticly soft and gorgeous diapers!

These chic Berry Plush diapers are a must have for any diaper Photo taken by Jessica Deisstash! The outer shells of the Jamtots Berry Plush AIO/AI2 are a plush layer of Minkee fabric with an inner layer of coordinating PUL. There is a snap in soaker that is made of 7 layers of ultra absorbant hemp topped with minkee fabric, so what touches your little one is the softest fabric possible!

So easy to use! Just snap a new soaker in the diaper until the outer shell is soiled! The outer shell of the diaper can also be used as a cover over many other types of diapers making our AIO/AI2 a great value!

Jamtots BerryPlush AIO's/AI2's are available in 3 sizes:

Small fits babies from approximately 9-18lbs
Medium fits babies from approximately 16-25lbs
Large fits babies from approximately 20-35lbs

***NOTE: It is best to go by your baby's measurements--especially the rise for the best fit/performance. The weight ranges are ONLY approximations and we cannot guarantee that the diaper will fit all babies that are within the weight ranges.See below for diaper measurements .***

Small: Rise 15.5", Waist 10-18", Leg 5-12"
Medium: Rise 17.5", Waist ", 11-22", Leg 6-14"
Large: Rise 18.5", Waist 13-25", Leg 7.5-14"

Minkee fabric is SO soft that you will find it hard to resist touching it! It is definitely addictive!!

Photo taken by Jes Deis

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