Lollidoo Cloth Diapers

Lollidoo Eco Pocket one size diapers have arrived! I know, cute name, but do they work? I can tell you that they are amazing! Lollidoo Eco Pockets not only achieve a trim, highly breathable pocket diaper, but they do so with the utmost regard to our environment. They are made 100% in the US with the fleece originating from recycled beverage bottles and the cotton as certified organic cotton.

Please note: You are choosing between organic cotton (in the options this is simply “cotton”) vs. a stay-dry layer on the inside of each diaper. You can select Flair, with innies or without innies.

Sultana’s Note: This is my personal FAVORITE night time diaper. I stuff the Lollidoo with a super-do insert and my little guy wakes up the driest he has ever been. Even after 13 hours!

What is a Lollidoo Eco Pocket Diaper?

A Lollidoo Eco Pocket Diaper is a ONE SIZE pocket diaper made of eco-friendly, performance fleece with either a stay dry inner layer or a certified organic cotton inner layer. Like any pocket diaper, you stuff a Lollidoo with your insert of choice. “Innies” do come with some of the Lollidoo pocket diapers. Additionally, you can choose a Lollidoo diaper with “flair” – a gorgeous embellishment on the back of the diaper!

What makes a Lollidoo Eco Pocket One Size Diaper so unique?

LOLLIDOO WETNESS CONTROL: The outer recycled fleece cover on LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™ is highly breathable, allowing moisture vapor to escape, yet containing liquid inside the diaper; it does all this while allowing air to flow throughout the diaper to facilitate dryness and regulate temperature. Eco-conscious parents value the recycled nature of this fabric and its ability to keep moisture in without the use of polyurethane laminates (PUL).

LOLLIDOO ABSORBANCY: Newborns will appreciate a soft, certified organic cotton skin layer without an absorbency Innie™: the skin layer is capable of absorbing the small amount of output at this age without adding an Innie™.  As your baby grows, the LolliDoo™ Innies™ configurations are customizable to meet various absorbency needs.  LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™ are available with or without Innies.

LOLLIDOO FIT: LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™ are chock full of fit benefits – super stretchy outer fleece can be pulled tight for a snug fit; internal leg elastic can be lengthened and shortened to fit your baby at any stage of growth, while distributing diaper fabrics throughout the diaper without creating a bulky-front (as is commonly done with rise-adjusting snaps on the front of many of our competitor diapers); Lollidoo diaper construction is done in such a way as to reduce bulky seams.

LOLLIDOO MADE IN THE USA: From the bottles that are recycled to create Lollidoo eco-pocket™ outer fleece to the certified organic cotton fibers grown to produce Lollidoo skin layers and Innies™, LolliDoo™ diapers are proudly Made in the USA.  Even Lollidoo snaps and elastic are produced in the USA .

LOLLIDOO CHARACTER: After laundering LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™, the  fleece materials remain soft and supple, with a texture that looks and feels like your favorite comfy sweatshirt.  Made with high quality Malden Mills fleece, the outer resists stains AND pilling.


While Lollidoo diapers are durable enough to tolerate the sanitary cycle on newer HE washing machines, LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™ also launder exceptionally well in cooler water temperatures.  You will be amazed at how quickly they dry, even on the line.  As an added value to you and the environment, eco-pockets™ come with packaging made from our own manufacturing waste and does double duty to keep line-dried diapers ON the line.

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