One Size Diapers

Why one size diapers?

One size diapers are a fairly new invention. They were invented to help simplify YOUR life! Imagine having one style and one size of cloth diaper that fits numerous children at once! Not only that, but imagine only needing to buy one supply of cloth diapers instead of small, mediums and larges! Well, that is just what Bumgenius, Happy Heinys, Mommy’s Touch and Wahmies have done. One size diapers fit babies weighing approximately 8-35 lbs to allow for maximum adjustability as they grow. You simply adjust the snap setting on the front of the one size diapers to adjust the rise to fit your little one.

Which one size diaper should I choose?

Let’s start out with the similarities. Happy Heinys, Bumgenius and Mommy’s Touch one size diapers have hook and loop closures (velcro without the trade name). Happy Heinys and BumGenius One Size Diapers have 3 horizontal rows of snaps to adjust the rise as your baby grows. All three brands have laundering tabs so that your diapers don’t stick together in the wash. Additionally, Mommy’s Touch one size diapers come in either hook and loop closures or snap closures.

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