What are prefolds?

Prefolds – Baby’s Textile PrefoldsPrefolds are the style of diaper that come to mind when you think of diapers and pins. However, you no longer need to use pins at all! Prefolds are rectangular pieces of fabric that you fold in different ways (prefold doesn’t mean they come pre-folded) to fit your baby. You can either fasten them with a snappi or simply use a diaper cover to keep the prefold in place. ALL prefolds do need to be paired with a diaper cover since prefolds are simply the absorbent part of the diapers.

Why choose prefolds?

Prefolds are BY FAR the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby. Our Baby’s Textiles 100% Indian cotton prefolds are the most popular on the market because of the added layers of absorbency that these twill weave diapers have! Baby’s Textiles prefolds are incredibly soft to begin with, but become even softer, fluffier and more absorbent after a few washes in hot water. Remember, as with all prefolds, these will shrink a little bit (5-10% usually). Indian prefolds are a bit heavier, more absorbent and durable than Chinese prefolds because of the twill weave used in the Baby’s Textiles Indian prefolds.

What is the big deal about organic prefolds?

Organic hemp fleece prefoldMaking the choice to use organic textiles promotes an industry that chooses NOT to use harmful chemicals while growing the cotton and hemp used to make these prefolds! Consequently there are no chemical-related health risks for your baby from the prefolds and you are not contributing to the contamination of soil and groundwater through use of these prefolds! This all means that you don’t have to sacrifice your environmental beliefs to put diapers on your baby.

Willowsprouts prefolds are made of two extremely soft layers of certified organic hemp fleece. The more you wash them, the softer the prefolds become. The absorbency from hemp cannot be beat by any other material and you will notice the difference! These are guaranteed to be a quick favorite!

We also carry All Together Textiles premium organic cotton prefolds. The difference between these and the Willowsprouts prefolds are that these are 100% organic cotton, while the Willowsprouts prefolds are an organic cotton and hemp fleece mixture. The other difference between the two premium size of prefolds is that the All Together Textiles prefolds measure 22″ long while the Willowsprouts premium prefolds measure 17″ long.

Why we only carry unbleached prefolds

Prefolds are naturally an ivory color. The pure white or bleached prefolds that you see are white because the cotton was bleached in the factory before it was woven to form diapers. The bleaching not only turns the cotton white, it removes natural oils in the cotton thus resulting in a less durable fabric. Furthermore, depending on the type of bleaching process used, there is potential for harmful environmental side-effects. We have simplified this process for you by only carrying unbleached prefolds!

Caring for your prefolds

Since these are unbleached cotton prefolds, you will need to wash them in hot water with a little detergent and dry in a dryer at least 5 times prior to use to achieve full absorbency. To make sure they are fully absorbent, make a little cup with part of the prefold and pour a little water into it. If the water is quickly absorbed, then you are done. If the water is still being repelled a little bit, do another wash and dry cycle or two.

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