Introducing Rainforest Babies

  • The Snap ‘n Wraps system is an all-in-two system. Similar to an all-in-one, this has only one additional step of simply snapping in the soaker.
  • The Rainforest Babies Snap ‘n Wraps system was created specifically for the busy family that is on the go.
  • The Rainforest Babies diaper consists of an outer waterproof shell lined with buttery soft fleece. The separate soaker attaches to the outer shell with snaps.
  • This great AI2 system allows you to customize your baby’s diaper absorbancy more than an AIO while still retaining the convenience of an AIO.
  • One of the best parts of Rainforest Babies Snap ‘n Wraps is the affordability! Since the outer shell can be re-used if not soiled, it makes this diapering system even more affordable!
  • Just a few of the fantastic advantages to the Rainforest Babies Snap ‘n Wraps system:
    • easy to clean
    • no pocket so stuff or unstuff
    • no shifting or drooping of the insert
    • as easy to use as an all-in-one
    • MUCH less expensive than either all-in-ones or pocket diapers!

Recommended Quantity–Since Rainforest Babies diapers can usually be re-used if not soiled, you don’t need as many outer shells, making this system even more affordable. Just change out the snap in soaker if the diaper isn’t soiled.

Newborns/Small — 12 to 15 diapers and 18 to 22 soakers
Mediums — 10 to 12 diapers and 15 to 18 soakers
Large — 8 to 10 diapers and 13 to 15 soakers

Heavy wetting babies will need more soakers.

Rainforest Babies Snap ‘n Wraps are as simple to use as snap and wrap!

Rainforest Babies AIO/AI2 Care Instructions:

  • Before initial use, wash the diapers and soakers TWO times on hot followed by double rinses. Dry on HOT to seal the PUL. Then proceed with normall care. The hemp and bamboo soakers will reach full absorbancy after 8-10 washings. Always wash dark colors separately for the initial wash to set colors. Adding a little white vinegar in the rinse can help this process. After the initial wash, you can wash all colors together.
  • Remove excess feces by shaking over toilet or with a┬ádiaper sprayer. Then store diapers in a dry pail until you wash them. You must unsnap the soakers from the outer shell before storage and washing.
  • To prevent elastic problems, do not stretch the diaper elastic until completely cooled from the dryer. Do not forcefully stretch the elastic. Never use fabric softeners, diaper creams, bleach, baby detergents (ie. Dreft), or dryer sheets.

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