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Softbums Echo Cloth Diapers

Softbums Echo Baby Cloth Diaper


Softbums Echo Shell Only $21.95

Fluffy Saurus Rex w/velcro

Softbums Newborn Doublers/Mini Pods $2.95

Softbums Mini Pods




Softbums One Size Super Pod $7.95

Softbums Mini Pods



Softbums Echo Organic Good To Go Pack $447.95

Fluffy Saurus Res Echo Softbums

Includes: 9 Echo shells, 18 One Size Bamboo Super Pods, 18 bamboo mini pods. Please specify colors in comments during checkout.


Softbums Microfiber PodsSoftbums Bamboo Super Pod $15.95



Softbums Echo Dry Touch Good To Go Pack with SUPER Pod $316.99

Fluffy Saurus Rex Softbums Echo

Includes: 9 Echo shells, 18 One Size Dry Touch SUPER pods (includes 18 dry touch mini pods) Please specify colors in comments during checkout.


The Revolutionary Softbums ECHO Diaper

Softbums ECHO Snaps are here!!

Softbums All-In-Two (AI2) One Size Diapers have a revolutionary adjustment system that ensures a perfect fit from birth! Yes, actually from birth unlike 99% of other one size diapers on the market. This is because of Softbums amazing adjustment system in the Softbums diapers. PerfectFit tiny hidden Leg Elastic Adjusters gives a unique adjustability that only Softbums diapers provide. True to the AI2 system, there are soakers that snap in and you can choose from stay-dry or organic bamboo velour. Each basic pack also comes with a newborn booster to reduce bulk for that very tiny newborn stage.

Softbums Colors

How Softbums Diapers Work

The hidden leg elastic adjusters are similar to a drawstring type of system. This allows maximum flexibility for finding the perfect leg setting to fit extremely thin legs to wonderfully chubby little legs.

Softbums explanation

The New Microfiber Snap-in Softbums Insert has two layers of thick Microfiber terry, plus a top layer of soft white microfleece. When folded over, that makes four full layers of super absorbent Microfiber! You can also choose a luxuriously soft organic bamboo velour for your snap-in soaker choice. So unbelievably soft and organic to top it off!

SoftBums' adjustable leg elastic design ensures a totally leak free diapering experience. No longer do you have to search for the diaper that fits “YOUR” baby, because you tailor each diaper to fit your baby’s legs leaving nothing up to chance. The fleece lined cover and fleece topped microfiber help ensure a stay dry feel for baby’s comfort.

SoftBums are One-size diapers that get small enough to fit a newborn baby right away!  They’re comfortable, easy to adjust, and space saving for on the go use. 

  • Use the same diaper from birth to potty training.
  • Fits babies and toddlers from 6 to 35 lbs
  • Saves room in the diaper bag and washer
  • Includes 1 cover, 3 snap in inserts, and 1 doubler for extra absorbency
  • Economical
  • Waterproof
  • Stay dry feel
  • Dries quickly
  • Made in the USA!


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