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Wahmies One Size Cloth Diapers $17.95

NEW available in either HOOKS OR SNAPS

Wahmies One Size Cloth Diaper Picture

Remember to get your diaper inserts with your Wahmies One Size Cloth Diaper!

Pink (hook/loop)
Wahmies One Size - Pink

Pink Squares Snaps
Wahmies One Size - Sage


The NEW Wahmies One Size Diaper is truly a brand new design in diapers! Not only is the Wahmies One Size diaper one that fits from birth to potty training, but it sets no limits on what size of a baby it will fit. We have to admit that we were skeptical about the eyelet closure system because we had never used it in a diaper before. But now that we have, the Wahmies one size diaper is one of our all time favorites!

Wahmies One Size Diaper Features:

  • Our Mikah in Wahmies one size cloth diaper
    The Wahmies One Size Diaper is extremely easy to use. It has an opening in the back for effortless insert stuffing.
  • Wahmies One Size diaper has a nice and soft velour against the baby's skin to wick away moisture. Plus, it stays as good as new, wash after wash!
  • This innovative one size diaper features gentle waist elastic to help ensure a secure fit from the newborn to toddler stages.
  • Wahmies One Size diapers have FOUR rise settings providing the perfect rise for a diaper at any age and any weight.
  • Has your toddler figured out how to take their velcro or snapping diaper off? Then the Wahmies One Size diaper is perfect! They will not figure out how to get this off, but you will find it amazingly easy to put on and adjust.
  • Wahmies One Size fits the largest range of weights from 6.5 lbs to 40 lbs! You won't find that in any other diaper!
  • The snug fit on the Wahmies One Size prevents wings on the diaper from drooping, providing an even better fit.


Wahmies One Size cloth diaper detailed picture


Here's how the Wahmies One Size Diaper works:

  1. Make sure the rise setting on your Wahmies one size works for your baby. For newborns and smaller babies, adjust the rise by snapping down the front of the diaper to the smallest setting. Once you have adjusted the rise on your Wahmies one size, you can leave it snapped down even after it is soiled, making this one size diaper even easier! TIP: After the newborn stage, tuck the hooks to the neighboring loop to put them out of the way until the next baby :)
  2. Add the insert to your Wahmies One Size diaper
  3. Choose from the two front hook settings to fit your child. Inner hooks for small babies (b), outer hooks for bigger babies (a).
  4. Snugly latch the hooks through the eyelets along the back of your Wahmies One Size diaper. This may take a little practice, but once you have down, it is VERY easy! TIP: When latching and unlatching your Wahmies One Size diaper hooks, lightly push the hook towards the diaper. It makes it just a little easier.
  5. Lastly, wrap the wings around and fasten them snugly in the center front eyelets.


Wahmies One Size Cloth Diaper How To


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